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venndk8 is a boarding and apparel company embracing the hardcore lifestyle. From the oceans to the mountains, the sun to the snow, on wheels or boards venndk8 is action sports and we design edgy clothing to reflect that. As an umbrella company, venndk8 encompasses several subsidiary brands allowing us to reach every genre of action sport and fashion. 


Our mission is to be one of the most well known, most popular brands in the clothing industry. We strive to provide the hottest trends and most comfortable apparel for those who live life to the extreme. We aim to be a respected company in the action sports industry who contributes to its community, promoting events and sponsoring athletes while maintaining a small company mentality. We will never be too large or too busy to connect with our people. So if you send us an email from the website or visit one of our many social media sites, drop a quick message and we will respond.  As simple as that! 


Keep shredding and thank you for your interest in venndk8! 


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